Recording time of memory card

Dividing clips recorded on P2 cards

The recording will continue automatically as a separate clip if a single continuous recording time has exceeded the time indicated below when a P2 card with capacity of 8 GB or larger is used with the camera. The thumbnail operation (display, delete, restore, etc.) for a clip on the P2 device can be performed as an operation for single clip. Clips may be displayed as separate clips in nonlinear editing software and on a computer.

The recording can be continued as a single clip when the expressP2 memory card is used as anything other than AVC-Intra 100. However, the recording will continue as a separate clip when it is simultaneously recorded to the SDHC memory card in the sub slot.

Recording format (excluding native recording)

Continuous recording time

AVC-Intra 4K 422 (25P/29.97P)

Approx. 1 min

AVC-Intra 100 (50.00i/59.94i)

Approx. 5 min