Charging the built-in battery

The date/time set in the camera is maintained by the built-in battery.

The built-in battery has been consumed when [BACKUP BATT EMPTY] is displayed in the viewfinder or LCD monitor for approximately five seconds when the power switch is set to <ON>.

Charge the built-in battery with the following procedure.

Make sure that the power switch is <OFF>.

Connect the AC adaptor to the camera.

For details on the connection of AC adaptor, refer to “Using the AC adaptor”.

Leave the camera for approx. four hours.

The built-in battery will be charged.

After charging completes, set the date and time and check the time code. If [SET DATE AND TIME] is displayed on the viewfinder or LCD monitor, set the date/time of the internal clock. (Setting the date/time of the internal clock)

Set the power switch to <ON>, and check that [BACKUP BATT EMPTY] is not displayed in the viewfinder screen.

If [BACKUP BATT EMPTY] is still displayed after charging, the built-in battery needs to be replaced. Consult your dealer.