Recording to the SD memory card

To record the proxy data, use SD, SDHC, or SDXC memory cards with an indication of class2 or higher.

If the recording format of the proxy data is [SHQ 2CH MOV] or [AVC-G6 2CH MOV], use a card of class4 or higher.

For the latest information not included in these Operating Instructions, refer to the support desk at the following website.

When recording the proxy data to an SD memory card, always format the card using the camera.

Checking the SD memory card

Insert the SD memory card into the camera.

Select the main menu → [CARD FUNCTIONS] → [SD CARD PROPERTY].

  • The format status is displayed in [SD STANDARD].

    If [NOT SUPPORTED] is displayed, format the card with the camera.

  • In the [PROXY REM] item, check the remaining recording time of the proxy data.

    The remaining SD memory card capacity displayed ([PROXY REM]) indicates the remaining proxy recording, but it may differ from the actual available space. If short recordings are repeated, the available recording time may decrease significantly compared to the available space. When the remaining capacity exceeds 999 min, [999min] is displayed.

    If the proxy is not recorded to the SD memory card, the remaining time is not displayed.

  • In the [NUMBER OF CLIPS] item, check the number of clips recorded in the SD memory card.

    If the number of clips is 1000 or more, no additional proxy data can be recorded to the SD memory card even if there is available capacity.

  • Shot marks and text memos cannot be added to the clips in the SD memory card,

  • Deleting the clips recorded on the P2 card on the thumbnail screen does not delete the proxy data recorded on the SD memory card.

Formatting SD memory cards

Insert the SD memory card into the camera.

Select [YES] in the main menu → [CARD FUNCTIONS] → [FORMAT SD CARD].

This completes formatting the SD memory card.

Proxy data recording time (approximate)

Recording mode

Total recording rate

Recording time

(per 1 GB)


Approx. 6 Mbps

Approx. 13 min


Approx. 5060 kbps

Approx. 25 min


Approx. 1650 kbps

Approx. 78 min


Approx. 950 kbps

Approx. 135 min

(These are reference values for continuous recording with Panasonic products. The recording time may differ depending on the scene or the number of clips)