Changing thumbnails

Replace thumbnails with images that include previously attached text memos while images are recorded or played back.


Add text memos to images to be changed.

For details on adding text memos, refer to “Text memo recording function”.

Select [TEXT MEMO CLIPS] in the main menu → [CLIP] → [REPOSITION] and display the thumbnails of clips with text memos.

Move the cursor over the clip that you want to change the thumbnail and press the control stick, and then move the cursor to the text memo display on the lower row.

Select thumbnail to be replaced from the text memos, place the cursor on it, and select [EXCH. THUMBNAIL] in the main menu → [CLIP]. (Fig. 1)

Press the control stick, and on the confirmation screen displayed, select [YES] using the control stick. (Fig. 2)

The menu closes and the thumbnail for the clip is replaced.