P2 card recording time

Dividing clips recorded on P2 cards

If P2 cards with a capacity of 8 GB or more are used on the camera, recording is automatically continued as another clip when a single continuous recording time exceeds the following times. When thumbnails for clips are handled (displayed, deleted, restored, etc.) on P2 devices, they can be handled as a single clip. Clips may be displayed as separate clips in nonlinear editing software and on a computer. When recording on microP2 memory cards that exceed 32 GB in AVC-LongG codec, recording can be continued as the same clip by selecting [ONE FILE] from the main menu → [RECORDING SETUP] → [FILE SPLIT]. It will also be divided to recording files of approximately 128 seconds each when [SHORT SPLIT] is selected in the main menu → [RECORDING SETUP] → [FILE SPLIT]. However, they can be operated as a single clip when the thumbnail of the clips are operated on the P2 device. When using the rec during upload function, you can speed up timing when the partition unit of the recording file becomes small and clip transfer is started by selecting [SHORT SPLIT]. [SHORT SPLIT] is disabled in interval, one-shot, loop, and background recording modes.

Recording format (excluding native recording)

Continuous recording time

AVC-Intra 200 (720P)

AVC-Intra 100 (1080P)

Approx. 3 min

AVC-Intra 100 (1080i)


Approx. 5 min

AVC-LongG 50

AVC-Intra 50


Approx. 10 min

AVC-LongG 25



Approx. 20 min

AVC-LongG 12

Approx. 40 min