How to input user bits

By setting user bits, information such as memos (date, time) up to eight digits long (hexadecimal) can be recorded.

Select [USER] in the main menu → [RECORDING SETUP] → [UBG MODE].

Select the main menu → [RECORDING SETUP] → [UB PRESET].

Set the user bits using the control stick.

  • Screen display

    • Push it to the right to move right the digit to be set.

    • Push it to the left to move left the digit to be set.

    • Push it upward to increase the value of the digit to be set by one.

    • Push it downward to decrease the value of the digit to be set by one.

Press the control stick, enter the values of user bits, and exit the user bits settings screen.

Use the <COUNTER> button to display [UBG] and confirm that the set value is displayed.

Retention of user bits in memory

User bit settings are automatically recorded and are retained even if the power is turned off.

Frame rate information recorded on user bits

Saving the frame rate values for the image information shot/saved according to the frame rate set in the main menu → [SYSTEM MODE] to user bits allows you to use the editor (personal computer editing software).

Information is always saved in VITC UB.

In addition, selecting [FRAME RATE] in the main menu → [RECORDING SETUP] → [UBG MODE] saves the information in user bits (LTC UB) as well. The same value as in the frame rate information obtained from VITC UB playback is also output as LTC UB during playback of clips recorded in native format.

Frame rate information

The relationship between frame rates, image pull-down, and time codes/user bits is as follows.