Direct menu operation

This function changes the settings of values for shutter speed, synchro scan shutter speed, white balance, and frame rate that are displayed on the screen using the <MODE/MENU CANCEL> button.

  • Variable frame rate mode can be selected only when [ON] is selected in the main menu → [SCENE FILE] → [VFR].

  • White balance variable mode can be selected only when [VAR] is set in the main menu → [SW MODE] → [W.BAL PRESET], and the <WHITE BAL> switch is set to the <PRST> position.

Press the <MODE/MENU CANCEL> button and select an item to be changed.

Every press of the button shows orange highlight on the selected mode.

Turn the <SEL/PUSH SET> dial button upward/downward and change the settings.

Press the <MODE/MENU CANCEL> button several times until the highlight of the mode disappears.