This menu is used when performing various tasks, such as playing back, deleting, copying clips, and editing metadata, while viewing the thumbnail of the clips displayed in the viewfinder or LCD monitor.

These menu items are enabled when the thumbnail screen is displayed.

Clip operations such as [DELETE] or [COPY] are enabled when the target thumbnail is selected.

Some items are displayed only in specific situations such as in USB host mode or on the explorer screen.


Description of settings


Selects a clip to be displayed on the thumbnail screen.

[ALL CLIP]: Displays all clips as thumbnails.

[SAME FORMAT CLIPS]: Displays only the clips recorded in the same format as the system format as thumbnails. Clips recorded in the same format means that each item of [LINE&FREQ], [REC FORMAT], and [AUDIO SMPL RES] in the main menu → [SYSTEM MODE] matches the current setting status.

Example) [1080-59.94i], [AVC-I100], [24BIT]

[SELECTED CLIPS]: Displays only the clips selected with the control stick as thumbnails. The thumbnails appear in selected order.

[MARKED CLIPS]: Displays only the clips with shot marks added as thumbnails.

[TEXT MEMO CLIPS]: Displayed only clips with text memo data attached as thumbnails.

[SLOT CLIPS]: Displays only the clips of the selected slot as thumbnails.

[NG CLIPS]: Displays only the clips with defective clip indicators added as thumbnails.

  • Factory setting: [ALL CLIP]


Deletes selected clips.


When the [FORMAT] menu is selected, format the P2 card of the specified slot.

[SLOT 1], [SLOT 2], [SLOT 3], [SD CARD]

  • When a CPS password is set, you can select [NORMAL] (normal unencrypted format) or [CPS(ENCRYPT)] (encrypted format).

  • Data deleted as a result of formatting cannot be restored. Always check the data before formatting.


When in USB host mode, formats a storage device connected to the <USB3.0 HOST> terminal using the specified file system.

[TYPE S]: Formats in the [TYPE S] format.

[FAT]: Formats in the [FAT] format.

This item is enabled only while the storage explorer screen or storage thumbnail screen is displayed.


Copies the selected clip to a P2 card in any card slot or a storage device.



Exports (writes) from the P2 card or SD memory card to a storage device or FTP by units of card.

[ALL SLOT], [SLOT 1], [SLOT 2], [SLOT 3]: Exports clips from the P2 card to a storage device.

[SD CARD]: Exports from the the SD memory card to FTP.


Imports (writes back) clips, etc. from a storage device or FTP to the P2 card or SD memory card by units of card.

[SLOT 1], [SLOT 2], [SLOT 3], [SD CARD]


Repairs a clip displayed in the defective clip indicator (yellow) occurring as a result of sudden power loss during recording or other reasons.


If clips that were recorded over multiple P2 cards are not recognized as consecutive clips and the incomplete clip indicator imageicon_excla is displayed, use this function to restore the clips to the consecutive clips (the original combined clips).


Changes the clip thumbnail to an image with any text memo. This can be executed while the text memo clip is displayed.


Switches to the information display screen for storage device and network connection.

[STORAGE]: Switches to the information display screen for storage device.

[FTP]: Switches to the information display screen for FTP server.


When this menu is selected from the card status screen, a software keyboard is displayed to enter the CPS password. If the password is entered and [OK] is selected, the CPS password is set to the camera.

When the set CPS password is successfully authenticated, the message [AUTHENTICATED SUCCESSFULLY!] is displayed.

When the set CPS password authentication fails, a warning message is displayed.


When in USB host mode, sets/changes the partition name of the storage device.

  • The default value is the date and time when the partition was created.

  • This item is enabled only for the [TYPE S] storage device.

  • This item is displayed only when the storage explore screen is displayed.


When in USB host mode, deletes the last storage partition.

  • The partition can be deleted only when the cursor is placed on the last partition.

  • This item is displayed only when the storage explore screen is displayed.


Delete folders in the storage device in the FAT format.



Detailed clip information is displayed on the screen. Items can be individually corrected.


Displays the card status of a card slot.


Sets the CPS encrypted password of the microP2 memory card.

[LOAD]: Loads CPS password from an SD memory card.

[SET]: Enters the CPS password.

[DELETE]: Deletes the password saved to the device, and disables encrypted formats.


Displays SD memory card information.


Sets which is displayed, remaining capacity or used capacity, when P2 card information is displayed.

[REMAIN]: Displays remaining capacity.

[USED]: Displays used capacity.

  • Factory setting: [REMAIN]


Displays available space in a partition.

  • This is displayed while the thumbnail screen for the [TYPE S] storage device is displayed.



Selects an item to display and press the control stick. Checked items are displayed. When [ALL HIDE] is selected, other items cannot be selected.

[ALL HIDE]: Hides all indicators.

[MARKER]: Displays the shot mark indicator.

[TEXT MEMO]: Displays the text memo indicator.

[WIDE]: Displays the wide indicator.

[PROXY]: Displays the proxy indicator.

  • Factory setting: [MARKER], [TEXT MEMO], [WIDE], [PROXY]


Selects the content to be displayed in the time code display area.

[TC]: Displays the time code.

[UB]: Displays the user bits.

[TIME]: Displays the record time.

[DATE]: Displays the record date.

[DATE TIME]: Displays the record date and time.

[CLIP NAME]: Displays clip names.

[USER CLIP NAME]: Displays a maximum of the first 15 letters (for an English language display) of a user clip name.

[SLOT]: Displays slot number.

[THUMBNAIL TC]: Displays the time code of the thumbnail position.

  • Factory setting: [TC]


Sets the thumbnail size displayed in a thumbnail on the screen.

[SMALL]: Small (thumbnail display: with 4×3 and property display)

[MEDIUM]: Standard (thumbnail display: 4×3)

[LARGE]: Large (thumbnail display: 3×2)

  • Factory setting: [MEDIUM]


Sets the playback start position during playback from the thumbnail screen.

[RESUME]: Plays back from the position where playback stopped.

[THUMBNAIL TC]: Plays back from the time code of the thumbnail position.

[START TC]: Plays back from the start time code (beginning of the clip).

  • Factory setting: [START TC]


Sets simple properties item displayed on the left of the thumbnail when [SMALL] is selected for [THUMBNAIL SIZE].

[USER CLIP NAME]: Displays the user clip name.

[START TC]: Displays the start time code.

[REC DATE]: Displays the recorded date.

[REC TIME]: Displays the recorded time.

[NUM. OF AUDIO CH]: Displays the number of audio channels.

[AUDIO RATE]: Displays the audio sampling rate.

[AUDIO BIT]: Displays the audio bitrate.

[CREATOR]: Displays the person who recorded the clip.

[SHOOTER]: Displays the videographer.

[PLACE NAME]: Displays the shooting location.

[PROGRAM NAME]: Displays the program name.

[SCENE NO.]: Displays the scene number.

[TAKE NO.]: Displays the take number.

[REPORTER]: Displays the reporter.

[PURPOSE]: Displays the purpose of shooting.

[OBJECT]: Displays the object of shooting.

[START UB]: Displays the start user bits.

[REC RATE]: Displays the recording frame rate.

[LAST UP DATE]: Displays the date of last update.

[LAST UP PERSON]: Displays the last person who updated.

[MANUFACTURER]: Displays the equipment manufacturer name.

[SERIAL NO.]: Displays the serial number.

[MODEL NAME]: Displays the model name.

[ALTITUDE]: Displays an altitude.

[LONGITUDE]: Displays a longitude.

[LATITUDE]: Displays a latitude.

[1ST TEXT MEMO]: Displays the first text memo content.

[THUMBNAIL OFFSET]: Displays the thumbnail recording position.


Displays the number of selected clips and playback time of clip, etc.

[NUM. OF CLIPS]: Displays the number of selected clips at the lower right of the thumbnail screen.

[DUR. OF SEL CLIPS]: Displays the total playback time of selected clips.

[TOTAL DURATION]: Displays the total playback time of the displayed clip.

  • Factory setting: [NUM. OF CLIPS]


Sets the display mode of the text memo indicator displayed for clips on the thumbnail screen.

[ALL]: Displays the indicator for all clips with text memos attached.

[HIDE CARD SERIAL]: Hides the text memo indicator for clips with only the following types of text memos attached.

  • Text memo with the serial number of card written

  • Other text memos for which offset is not set with clip metadata

To record a text memo with the serial number of card written as metadata, set the main menu → [RECORDING SETUP] → [REC META DATA] → [CARD SERIAL] to [ON].

Check [OFFSET] of [MEMO] on the clip properties screen to see whether offset is set for a text memo.

  • Factory setting: [ALL]



Sets whether to verify or not when exporting in USB host mode.

[ON]: Verifies.

[OFF]: Does not verify.