Transferring from an SD card to an FTP server (export)

You can collectively transfer the data in an SD memory card to the FTP server.

Press the <THUMBNAIL> button.

The thumbnail screen is displayed.

Select [SD CARD] in the main menu → [CLIP] → [EXPORT].

Press the control stick.

The folders of FTP server are displayed.

Select the transfer destination folder using the control stick.

Press the control stick while pressing the <SHIFT> button (<MULTI SEL>) to create a new folder in the current folder list. Numbers that indicate date and time are automatically entered as the name of the new folder. You can also use the software keyboard to set the folder name. However, some characters cannot be used depending on the FTP server. You cannot set a folder name that is same as an existing folder.

Move the cursor to [YES] and press the control stick.

Exporting starts.

When exporting is completed, [COPY COMPLETED!] appears.