For the wireless module AJ-WM30/AJ-WM50

Connect the wireless module AJ-WM30/AJ-WM50 (optional) to the camera. The grip belt can be removed.


Press the <OPEN> button and remove the cover by sliding it in the direction of the arrow. (Fig. 1)

Connect the wireless module to the <USB2.0 HOST> terminal. (Fig. 2)

Insert it all the way.

Place the (AJ-WM50 only) module holder under the wireless module. (Fig. 3)

  • Mount the cap of the wireless module to the hole of the module holder.

Slide the removed cover to close it.

Storing the wireless module AJ-WM30

The removed wireless module AJ-WM30 can be stored in the grip belt.


Cautions when using wireless module AJ-WM30/AJ-WM50

Read the operating manual of the wireless module thoroughly and understand it before using.

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