Adjusting the black balance

Black balance must be adjusted in the following instances:

  • When the camera is used for the first time

  • When the camera has not been used for a long time

  • When the ambient temperature has changed considerably

  • When super gain is set with the USER button

  • When changing the gain switch values

  • When switching the items in the main menu → [SYSTEM MODE] → [REC FORMAT]

To shoot optimum video, we recommend adjusting the black balance immediately before shooting.

Before adjusting the black balance, prepare the conditions for adjusting the white balance.

Switch to manual mode with the <AUTO/MANUAL> switch. (Shooting)

Set the <WHITE BAL> switch to <A> or <B>.

Press and hold the <AWB> button for approx. two seconds.

Black balance is adjusted after the white balance.

Black balance memory

Values stored to memory are saved even if the camera is turned off.