Focus assist function

The focus assist function enables you to focus the target easily.

Expanded display in the viewfinder and LCD monitor, focus in red display (display with the contours of the image in red), and focus bar display are available.

Expanded display [EXPAND]

Set to [EXPAND] in the main menu → [SW MODE] → [FOCUS ASSIST MODE] beforehand.

When the <FOCUS ASSIST> button is pressed, the center of the screen is expanded approx. three times so that you can focus the image easily.

  • In the expanded display, the status display and zebra pattern disappear, and [EXPANDED] is displayed at the top of the screen.

Focus in red display [IN RED]

Set [IN RED] in the main menu → [SW MODE] → [FOCUS ASSIST MODE] beforehand.

Press the <FOCUS ASSIST> button to put red borders around the contours of the image. When this happens the screen frame will turn red.

Adjust the focus so that the contours of the subject you want to focus on turn red.

Focus bar display [FOCUS BAR]

The focus bar can be displayed when [ON] is set in the main menu → [DISPLAY SETUP] → [FOCUS BAR].

The degree of focus is indicated by the length of the bar.

  • White bar: Focus bar display

  • Green line: Peak display