Loop recording

  • This function successively records to two microP2 memory cards inserted in the microP2 card slots. You cannot combine microP2 cards and P2 cards.

  • When there is no more free space on the card, recording returns to the first card, and recording is continued while erasing existing data already saved on that card.

    For details, refer to “Dividing clips recorded on P2 cards”.


Check the settings of each item in the main menu → [SYSTEM MODE].

For details on system modes in which the loop recording function can be used, refer to the table in “System modes and recording functions”.

For details on menu operations, refer to “Setting menu basic operations”.

Set [LOOP] in the main menu → [RECORDING SETUP] → [RECORDING].

Press the REC button.

  • Recording is started.

  • To stop recording, press the REC button again.

  • To clear settings, set [NORMAL] in the main menu → [RECORDING SETUP] → [RECORDING].

  • When [OFF] is set in the main menu → [RECORDING SETUP] → [RECORDING SETTING] → [RECORDING HOLD], loop recording settings are cleared by turning off the camera.

  • [L-REC] is displayed while recording, and [L-] is displayed while paused. When loop recording cannot be performed due to memory shortage, etc., [LOOP] flashes.