User bits settings

Sets the user bits to be recorded in the sub code area in the main menu → [RECORDING SETUP] → [UBG MODE].




Records internal user values. You can set the user value in the main menu → [RECORDING SETUP] → [UB PRESET]. Setting values are held even when the power is turned off.

For details, refer to “How to input user bits”.


Records the time measured by the internal clock.


Records the hour digit of year/month/day/date-time measured by the internal clock.


Records the user bits values currently entered to the <TC IN/OUT> terminal.


Records the time code value.


Records the camera photo frame rate information.

When playing back clips recorded in native format, the same frame rate information as VITC UB is output regardless of the recorded value. Use at this setting when the editing device such as a computer uses the frame rate information of the user bits.


Reads the user bit last recorded to P2 card that is currently to be recorded to and recording this value as it is.