Checking the proxy data

  • The imageicon_proxy_clip_ind indicator is displayed for the material clips with the proxy data recorded.

  • The detailed information of the recorded proxy data can be viewed in the clip property.

    For details on operations, refer to “Checking detailed information of the proxy data”.

  • The proxy data is recorded to the P2 card or SD memory card as a video/audio file and real-time metadata file.

    • Audio file: XXXXXXXX.MOV

    • Real-time metadata file:XXXXXXXX.BIN

      The time code, user bits, and information are recorded to the frame unit.

    Use P2 Viewer Plus to check the proxy data. Some versions of P2 Viewer Plus may not be able to check the data.

    For information on P2 Viewer Plus, visit the following website:

Checking detailed information of the proxy data

Operation methods and panels may differ by version.

Press the <THUMBNAIL> button.

The thumbnail screen appears on the viewfinder screen and LCD monitor.

Select [CLIP PROPERTY] in the main menu → [CLIP] → [PROPERTY].

The clip property screen is displayed.

Select [PROXY] using the control stick.

Press the control stick.

Detailed information about the proxy data is displayed as below.