Connecting to a computer in the USB device mode

By connecting the camera to a computer via USB 2.0, the P2 card inserted in the camera can be used as mass storage.

Connecting to a computer


Connect the USB cable to the <USB2.0 DEVICE> terminal (device). (Fig. 1)

Set to [DEVICE] in the main menu → [NETWORK SETUP] → [USB MODE SELECT]. (Fig. 2)

For details, refer to “Setting menu basic operations”.

Set [ON] in the main menu → [NETWORK SETUP] → [USB MODE]. (Fig. 3)

During USB connection, [USB DEVICE CONNECTED] is displayed in the center of the viewfinder or LCD monitor.

If the USB connection is being moved or it is not connected properly, [USB DEVICE CONNECTING...] is displayed.

Exit the USB device mode.

There are three methods:

  • Turn the power switch of the camera to <OFF>.

  • Press the <EXIT> button.

    While in USB device mode, [Push EXIT to Return to CAMERA MODE] is displayed at the lower of the LCD monitor or viewfinder or screen.

  • Press the USER button to which [USB MODE] has been assigned.

Returns to camera shooting status in approx. five seconds when the USB device mode ends.