Displaying screen

  1. Time code display

    Every press of the <COUNTER> button switches to the next data (or no display).

    • Counter: Counter value

    • [CLIP]: Clip counter value (recording mode only)

      Clip counter value for each recording

      Displayed when [CLIP] is set in the main menu → [DISPLAY SETUP] → [REC COUNTER].

    • [TCG]: Time code value

      When operating in drop frame mode, the “:” (colon) mark between the second and frame changes to “.” (dot).

      During playback, [TCR] is displayed.

    • [UBG]: User bits value

      During playback, [UBR] is displayed.

    • [VUBG]: User bits value of VITC

      During playback, [VUBR] is displayed.

  2. Shooting/recording and playback frame rate display

    For variable frame rate recording, the number of frames for shooting and the number of frames for recording/playback are displayed.

    Example) 60:24PN (variable frame rate in 60P shooting, 24PN recording)

    For playback, 2:3 pull-down is performed to make the video 24P over 60P, and playback in 24/60 times speed is indicated.

    For standard recording, only the shooting frame rate is displayed.

  3. Proxy information display

    Displays the proxy recording information.

    • [PROXY P2 (P2&SD)]: Displayed when proxy recording is started.

    • [PROXY ERR]: Displayed when there is an error in proxy recording.

  4. SD memory card status display

    • [WP]: Write protected

    • [END]: No remaining free space

    • [WR ERR]: Write error

    • [SD ***min]: The remaining free space is displayed when proxy is recorded to an SD memory card. (Displayed only in the regular mode check.) Flashing when the remaining capacity is one minute or less. [−−min] is displayed when there is no SD memory card.

  5. System mode display

    Displays the mode in which the camera is operating.

    • [1080-59.94P]: 1080/59.94 progressive mode

    • [1080-59.94i]: 1080/59.94 interlaced mode

    • [1080-50P]: 1080/50 progressive mode

    • [1080-50i]: 1080/50 interlaced mode

    • [1080-23.98PsF]: 1080/23.98PsF progressive/segment frame mode

    • [720-59.94P]: 720/59.94 progressive mode

    • [720-50P]: 720/50 progressive mode

    • [480-59.94i]: 480/59.94 interlaced mode

    • [576-50i]: 576/50 interlaced mode

  6. Recording format display

    Displays the recording method.

    • [AVC-I200]

    • [AVC-I100]

    • [AVC-I50]

    • [AVC-G50]

    • [AVC-G25]

    • [AVC-G12]

    • [DVCPRO HD]

    • [DVCPRO50]

    • [DVCPRO]

    • [DV]

  7. Letterbox recording display

    Displayed while letterbox recording is performed when the recording format is 480i/576i and [LETTER BOX] is set in the main menu → [SYSTEM MODE] → [ASPECT CONV].

  8. Streaming mode setting status display

    Displays the setting status of the streaming function.

    • [STREAM]: Displayed when the streaming function is set and the camera can be operated normally.

    • [STRMimageicon_ERR]: Displayed when there is an error and the camera cannot be operated normally. To restore, turn off the power once and turn on the power again.

  9. Network mode status display

    Displays the status of the network function.

    Displayed only when the <DISP/MODE CHK> switch is pushed towards the <CHK> side.

    • [WLAN]: When the wireless LAN is connected (link state)

    • [WLANimageicon_excla_black]: When the wireless LAN is not connected (unlinked state)

    • [WLANimageicon_ERR]: When there is a problem with the wireless LAN connection

    • [LAN]: When the wired LAN is connected (link state)

    • [LANimageicon_excla_black]: When the wired LAN is not connected (unlinked state), or when there is a problem

    • No display: When the network function is disabled

  10. Remote control display in an IP connection

    The remote control status in an IP connection is displayed when [IP REMOTE] is set to [ENABLE] in the main menu → [NETWORK SETUP] → [NETWORK FUNC].

    [IP REMOTE] (flashing): Displayed during connection waiting status in an IP connection.

    [IP REMOTE] (illuminated): Displayed when remote control is possible in an IP connection.

  11. USER button information display

    When the USER button is pressed, “USER button name: assigned function name” is displayed for three seconds. The USER button name is indicated by [U1] to [U8].

  12. Focus bar display

    Displays the following items in the bottom left of the viewfinder. The high-frequency component of the video is displayed in a numerical value.

    • White bar: Focus bar display

    • Green line: Peak display

  13. Time stamp recording display

    Displays [R] when time stamp recording is set.

  14. Date and time display

    The display order is determined by the area setting.

    [NTSC]: “mmm dd yyyy hh:mm:ss”

    [NTSC (J)]: “yyyy mmm dd hh:mm:ss”

    [PAL]: “dd mmm yyyy hh:mm:ss”

    • mmm: Month (JAN (January), FEB (February), MAR (March), APR (April), MAY (May), JUN (June), JUL (July), AUG (August), SEP (September), OCT (October), NOV (November), DEC (December))

    • dd: Date

    • yyyy: Year (2000 to 2037)

    • hh: Hour

    • mm: Minute

    • ss: Second

  15. Audio level meter display

    Switches between level meter display and audio output channels 1/2 and 3/4 while holding down the USER button where [AUDIO MON SEL] is assigned.

  16. Audio recording not possible display

    Displayed when audio recording is not possible during variable frame rate mode native recording, interval recording, or one shot recording.

  17. Digital zoom display

    Displays the digital zoom ratio.

    • [D2×]: two times

    • [D5×]: five times

    • [D10×]: ten times

  18. Y GET brightness display

    In the Y GET mode, the image level in the frame displayed near the center of the screen is displayed as 0% to 109%.

  19. ND filter display

    Displays the selected ND filter.

  20. Shutter speed display

    Displays the shutter speed. When synchro scan is performed, the display shows the content set in the main menu → [SCENE FILE] → [SYNC SCAN TYPE] (time (minutes) or open angle image).

  21. <WHITE BAL> switch position display

    Displays the position currently selected. Also, the white balance operation is indicated when the automatic white balance is preset. In auto tracking white balance (white balance with automatic tracking) mode, [ATW] is indicated, and when auto tracking white balance mode is locked, [LOCK] is indicated.

  22. Auto iris control display

    • [STD]: Standard auto iris control

    • [SPOT]: Auto iris control for spotlighting

    • [BACK]: Auto iris control for the backlight compensation

  23. Gain display

    Displays the gain value of the image amplifier configured.

  24. Iris display

    Displays the F value.

  25. Zoom position display

    Displays the zoom position with [Z000] (maximum wide angle) to [Z999] (maximum telephoto).

    Change the unit to millimeters in the main menu → [DISPLAY SETUP] → [ZOOM/FOCUS].

  26. Focus control information display

    Displays the focus control information with [99] to [00]. [AF] is indicated for auto focus, and [MF] is indicated for manual focus. Also, when [MF ASSIST] is set to [ON] in the main menu → [SW MODE] while in manual focus mode, [MA] is indicated.

    [95] (distance to the subject: infinity) to [00] (distance to the subject: approx. 5 cm)

    Depending on the zoom position, the subject may not be within the macro range.

    Also, depending on the zoom position, the lowest value of the macro range may vary. The display unit can be changed to feet or meters from the main menu → [DISPLAY SETUP] → [ZOOM/FOCUS].

    While macro shooting is performed, [AF] or [MF] will be displayed in black and white reversal.

  27. Macro display

    Displayed when you have enabled the macro focus function using the <MACRO> button.

  28. Recommended ND filter display

    Displays the ND filter recommended for the current shooting conditions.

  29. Camera warning, notification display area (Warning system, Camera status display)

  30. Area frame display

    Displayed when the control stick is pressed when the function is assigned in the main menu → [SW MODE] → [AREA MODE].

  31. Area display

    Displayed when in area mode.

  32. Flash band compensation function display

    Displayed when the flash band compensation function is activated.

  33. Dynamic range stretcher function display

    Displayed when the dynamic range stretcher function is working.

  34. Scene file name display

    Indicates the scene file name [F1:] to [F6:].

  35. Image stabilization display

    Displayed when the <OIS> button is pressed and the image stabilizer mode has been set.

  36. Battery charge level indicator

    As the battery level decreases, the indication changes imageicon_battery_6imageicon_battery_5imageicon_battery_4imageicon_battery_3imageicon_battery_2imageicon_battery_1.

    When the battery runs out, imageicon_battery_2 (imageicon_battery_1) flashes.

    (When the camera is running on the AC adaptor, imageicon_acadaptor is displayed.)

    The battery charge level may not be indicated correctly in a place where the temperature is extremely low or high, or when the camera has not been used for a long period of time. To display the remaining battery level correctly, fully charge the battery, use the camera until the battery runs out, and then charge again. (Even after performing the procedure, the remaining battery may not be indicated correctly if the battery is used under extremely low or high temperature for a long period of time or if the battery has been repeatedly recharged.)

    Note that the time in the battery charge level indicator is an approximate estimate as it changes according to the conditions of use.

  37. P2 card remaining free space

    • p2_light: This is the slot No. This is displayed in black and white inversion when the slot No. is recording destination. It flashes while the card is being recognized.

    • [***min]: Displays the remaining space on the media in each slot. During a near end, it flashes.

    • (No display): Not displayed when a card is not inserted.

    • [END]: Displayed when there is no space remaining on each card.

    • [WP]: Displayed when the P2 card is write-protected.

    • [ERR]: Displayed in case of format errors or authentication errors.

    • [LOOP ***min]: Displayed when the loop recording mode is set. During the mode check, the second line displays the standard recording time of loop recording. [LOOP] flashes when loop recording is not possible, for example, when there is no more space remaining on the microP2 memory card.

  38. Recording media display

    Among P2 and microP2 memory card slots, displays the slot that can perform recording and playback operations set in the main menu → [RECORDING SETUP] → [REC MEDIA].

    • [mP2]: microP2 memory card slot

    • [P2]: P2 memory card slot

  39. Simultaneous recording mode display, background recording mode display

    • [SIMUL]: Displayed when the simultaneous recording is set. When the simultaneous recording cannot be performed, [SIMUL] indication is displayed with a diagonal line.

    • [BACKGR]: Displayed when the camera is in the background recording mode and background recording is being performed on slot 2. When background recording has not started on slot 2, the [BACKGR] indication is displayed with a diagonal line.

  40. High-sensitivity mode display

    Displayed when [HIGH SENS.] is set in the main menu → [SYSTEM MODE] → [SHOOTING MODE].

  41. One clip recording mode status display

    • [1-CLIP]: The status where a new clip is to be recorded in one-clip recording

    • [1*CLIP]: The status where recording can be performed by combining to the previous clip in one-clip recording

  42. Recording/playback operation status display

    • [REC]*1: Recording

    • [PAUSE]: Recording standby

    • [&]: Playback pause

    • [=]: Playback

    • [&=] ([~&]): Frame-by-frame playback (frame-by-frame rewind)

    • [)] ([%]): Fast-forwarding/fast-forward playback (fast-reversing/fast-reverse playback)

    • [CLIP&=] ([CLIP~&]): Clip forwarding (clip rewinding), cueing up by clips

    • [CLIP&T&=] ([CLIP&T~&]): Cueing up (rewinding) by clip and text memo (when [CLIP&TEXT MEMO] is set in the main menu → [OTHER FUNCTIONS] → [SEEK POS SEL])

    • [START]*1: Displayed when recording of a new clip is started in one-clip recording.

    • [END]*1: Displayed when combining of clips is ended in one-clip recording.

    • [L-]*2: Loop recording

    • [I-]*2: Interval recording, one-shot recording

    • [P-]*2: Pre-recording

    If the display is set to [OFF], only [REC], [START], and [END] are displayed. Also, when pre-recording, loop recording, interval recording, or one-shot recording is set, it is displayed.

    Displayed when [INTERVAL], [ONE SHOT], or [LOOP] is set in the main menu → [RECORDING SETUP] → [RECORDING], or when [ON] is set in the main menu → [RECORDING SETUP] → [PRE REC].

  43. <AUTO/MANUAL> switch operation display

    Displayed when the <AUTO/MANUAL> switch is set to <AUTO>.

  44. Rec during upload function status display

    Displays the status of rec during upload.

    • [imageicon_upload_before]: Displayed when the rec during upload function is enabled.

      The display will blink when recording is started immediately after the power is turned on or the P2 card is inserted, and the upload will not be executed until the recording is stopped.

    • [imageicon_upload]: Displayed during upload.

    • [imageicon_upload_error]: Displayed from when transfer error occurred during upload until when the next upload starts.

  45. GPS display

    Displays the strength of the GPS signal reception in four levels. The GPS signal strength is indicated by the number of vertical bars. It is not displayed when GPS is disabled.

  46. Streaming distribution status display

    Displays the streaming status.

    • [imageicon_streaming] (flashing): Flashes while the camera is being connected to a device which will receive the streaming video.

    • [imageicon_streaming] (illuminated): Displayed when the camera is connected to a device receiving the streaming video and the camera is transmitting streaming video.

      The display turns off when a connection could not be established properly.

  47. HD SDI REMOTE recording status and 4G/LTE connection status

    Displays the control status of whether recording has started or stopped for an external device which is connected to the <SDI OUT> terminal.

    When the main menu → [OUTPUT SEL] → [HD SDI REMOTE] is set to [ON], it will always be displayed regardless of the settings in the main menu → [DISPLAY SETUP]. It is not displayed when [HDSDI REMOTE] is set to [OFF].

    • [SDIn]: Status where the recording is being instructed for an external device

    • [SDI&]: Status where recording stop is being instructed for an external device

    Displays the 4G/LTE connection status. Displays at the 4G/LTE connection. Displays the strength of the signal reception in six levels. Displays the radio wave strength with the number of vertical bars. It is not displayed when the setting of 4G/LTE is disabled.

    • [4G/LTEimageicon_4g_link]: During 4G/LTE connection

    • [4G/LTEimageicon_4g_unlink]: When not connected with 4G/LTE

    • [4G/LTEimageicon_4g_linkerror]: When there is a problem with the 4G/LTE connection

  48. Audio monitor volume adjustment display

    Displayed when the <AUDIO MON/ADV> button is pressed for volume adjustment of speaker or headphones. The display disappears three seconds after the operation.

  49. Front audio level volume display

    The volume is displayed for three seconds when it is adjusted with the <F.AUDIO LEVEL> dial.

Camera status display

These are indicated in the information display area in the center.

[ABB]: Displayed while automatic black balance operation is active.

[ATW ACTIVE]: Displayed when the <AWB> button is pressed while auto tracking white balance is active.

[ATW]/[ATW LOCK]: Displayed when the <WHITE BAL> switch is turned to <B> if [ATW] is allocated.

[AWB]: Displayed while automatic white balance operation is active.

[AWB P3200K]/[AWB P5600K]: When the <WHITE BAL> switch is at <PRST> position, displays the color temperature assigned to <PRST>. It is also displayed when you attempt to perform automatic white balance with the switch at <PRST> position.

[BACK LIGHT]: Displayed when pressing the USER button to which [BACK LIGHT] is allocated for iris control and switching the status.

[GAIN**dB]: Displayed when gain is switched.

[IRIS:MANUAL]/[IRIS:AUTO]: Displayed when you switch the iris operation.

[SHUTTER 1/****]/[SHUTTER OFF]: Displayed when you switch the shutter speed.

[SPOT LIGHT]: Displayed when pressing the USER button to which [SPOT LIGHT] is allocated for iris control, and switching the status.