For shooting, use the following steps.

  1. <AUTO/MANUAL> switch

  2. Recording button (grip side, handle side, front side)

  3. <REC CHECK> button

Set the video settings and the audio input.

Before shooting, the followings must be set or adjusted.

  • Image settings for the brightness function (iris, gain, shutter) and the white balance adjustment function, etc.

  • Audio input settings for audio recording.

  • Adjusting audio recording level

Select shooting mode with the <AUTO/MANUAL> switch.

<AUTO>: auto mode

  • [A] is displayed at the upper part of the viewfinder and LCD monitor.

  • Focus, iris, gain, shutter, and white balance are automatically adjusted.

  • You can set the operation specifics for auto mode in the main menu → [AUTO SW].

<MANUAL>: manual mode

Press the REC button to start recording.

  • The REC button is on three locations: the grip side, the handle side, and the front side.

  • During recording, the tally lamp lights red.

To stop recording, press the REC button again.

Check videos recorded.

After recording ends, pressing the <REC CHECK> button automatically plays back approximately the last three seconds of the latest clip.

Holding down the <REC CHECK> button for one second plays back from the last ten seconds of the latest clip.

In this way, you can check whether video has been recorded properly.

  • Returns to recording standby after checking.

  • For clips within ten seconds, previous clips are not played back even if the <REC CHECK> button is held down after returning to the start of the current clip.